Friday, September 25, 2009

Madison & Keaton what can I say? These two have been great friends since birth! Now that they are older, birthdays have become all boys and all girl parties. But they can't celebrate without doing something with each other. So this year for Maddy's birthday we went to the dollar store and they had to pick out something for each letter of their name. They had a blast. Then it was off the Maddy's favorite place to eat, Golden Corral! They ate, giggled, ate, and giggled some more. Maddy loved the presents! Thanks Keat! We'll I guess we will look forward to what next year's birthday brings

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  1. Thanks Madison and Johanna. Keaton had a great time. He LOVED all the treasures he got. Thanks for being such a great friend Maddy! Keat loves hanging out with you!!