Monday, December 28, 2009

This Christmas season was full of fun! We started out Christmas Eve at the Ice Arena. They had a great time ice skating with their cousins. It made Carter miss ice hockey.

Tyler just wanted to watch. We couldn't get him out, he is so content just sitting and watching. We are going to work on that with him!
Next came, making the annual gingerbread houses. I really missed my mom making the icing this year! I have never made it, but it turned out just fine. The kids had a great time!

Cookies for Santa were next. We went for easy this year! Pull them out of the fridge and bake them! Santa ate them all, they must have been good!

Christmas morning was a lot of fun. The kids loved getting Band Hero.

Scooter time! Who knew that scooters could go 5 miles per hour?

Madison's first American Girl Doll... Julie! Not much of a surprise, since it came one day in the mail when I was gone, and her and her dad wanted to see what was in the package! But she loves it.

This is all Santa could have brought and the boys would have been just as happy! They love this Batman and Robin house. They didn't want to open anything else, and when they did, they opened it and went right back on playing with their house! Who knew?!

Matching had and scarfs sent with love from Grandma & Grandpa in New Zealand!

Maddy, Ellie, and Sammi



  1. Thanks for this--it is great. We almost feel like we were there. This helps us and so does technology to keep up to date.
    Mom and Dad

  2. looks like your family had a great Christmas. I'm glad you got the band hero (must have been the Corry influence :)). Have a great new year.