Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Carter bug lost his first tooth! This was officially the first one that he pulled out. He had his two bottom ones pulled when he was three, they are finally coming up! So this one counted! He realized that it was really loose Sunday morning as we were getting ready to leave for church. He spent most of the morning in front of a mirror looking at it from all different angles. It was very cute! There was a little blood, so there was a little drama! All during sacrament he was playing with it. Then after the 5th time to the bathroom, he came back with a tooth and a long sheet of paper towel with blood. He made sure that all around saw that tooth! Good thing we were on the back! He was so proud! The tooth fairy came, left some money, but found no tooth. Carter had lost it by then! So on to the next one, it is loose!!

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  1. Johanna that is a great 1st loose tooth story. And I am kind of proud of him for pulling it out. My girls have always ran away screaming when I offer to pull their teeth.:)