Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Carter's Baptism Day...was amazing!
He was pure JOY!
Here is the handsome boy with his dad!

Carter looked pretty sharp in his new suit!

In the parking lot before we went into the
church, we snapped some photos
with cousins!

Eric and Carter right before he was baptized.

Carter's baptism was pure joy.
He was beaming from ear to ear.
We are so proud of him and his
decision to be baptized and the
way he is trying to choose the right.
After he went down in the water, Eric asked the
witnesses if that was OK. Carter thought he was
talking to him and shouts, "Yes!" It was so cute.
He even swam to the steps! Not sure he was
supposed to do that, but it was cute!
It was a day I will remember forever.

Markworth, Carlston, and Lewis Families.
Minus Mom & Dad, you were missed.

Our little family!
We had great support from both family and friends.
Carter's friend Tanner came.
He was a little less than thrilled that I
Was taking his photo!

Horman Family came. We are so blessed to have
them in our life.

Hickox family also came. They are so great to
Carter. We really love them!


  1. Oh, Johanna, you must be so proud! Carter was so handsome in his suit, but even more so in all white! Congratulations, Carter!!

  2. Congratulations Carter!!! That is soo exciting, what a beautiful day for parents and child. You are an amazing mother!!!

  3. So sweet! I'm sure it was just awesome.

  4. So great you have to just love these days! So proud of him that is great. Love that he swam to the steps and shouted "yes" so Carter!

  5. Happy baptism day to Carter! What a sweet day and a sweet boy!

  6. Congratulations, Carter! What a great decision. You look so handsome in your new suit! :)