Sunday, May 16, 2010

I better write about my fabulous mother's day before another
week passes. Once again, the kiddos and Eric gave me
a wonderful day. They gave me my favorite homemade
cards, mother's crown, and bookmark. Eric made
me a book of our trip to New Zealand. They also
got me a new griddle to make pancakes on! I loved them!
They also made me breakfast in bed!
No dishes and no cooking for me on Mother's day.
It was a nice day.

It was still a typical day getting to church!
This is Jack in the garage not wanting to go!
Both he and Ty screamed in the driveway for
a good 10 minutes, because they wanted Eric!
He was already there waiting for us!
Jack kept telling me to call him.
"I know they have a phone at church, I've seen it!"
We finally made it!

I realized now that I didn't get one with Carter. Next year!
Later that evening we met Chad's family & Craig's family
at the park.
The kiddos had a great time together!

Carter loves, loves, loves Sophi! Here he is catching her!

Seven of the ten Carlston cousins! Allee was sound
to sleep, and we missed Hayes and Hinckley!


  1. Not that I am glad you have these struggles but I am glad to see that I am not the only one who fights getting out the door to church. This morning Nathan went into primary with shoes and socks in hand instead of on his feet! I am sick of fighting it. Have a great day. They say these times with our kids go so quickly but when you are living them it's hard to believe, huh? Take care-Lisa

  2. It looks like you had a great Mother's Day. Cute cards and cute kids. You are a wonderful mother, even though sometimes it is hard. We are glad that everyone got together for a fun day. We love you!

  3. What a fun day! The book was a fabulous idea! (And just so you know, I did one of those once - granted, it was of our trip to Paris which was a month long and resulted in literally 2,000 pics... but it was hard work putting that sucker together! So go, Eric!) I'm glad you had a fun day.