Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday night we headed out to 1st Dam
for some food, friends, and a little paddle boat ride!
We all had a great time.

We ate a fabulous dinner.
Why do hot dogs always taste better when
you are outdoors?

Maddy got to play with Amelia, so much fun!

A fun paddle boat ride.
I am not sure what prompted Eric's expression here!

Look at Maddy's muscles!

Love Ty's cheese!

Getting this photo of Maddy and Eric was a chore!
We finally got one!

Ty looking at the ducks!

Feeding the ducks only lasted...2 minutes.
Next time we will bring a lot more bread!

So much fun at 1st dam.
I'm sure we will do it again!
Can't wait for summer!


  1. How fun! I agree about the hot dogs. And we can't wait for summer either... ah, warmth...

  2. What a fun time!!! We just love that little boat, it looks like the kids had a great time. It looks like summer is here!