Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday night we decided to head up to the mountains.
The kids did not want to pile in the van,
and were less then thrilled to be going!
They were all happy doing their own thing.
But we knew once we got up there,
they would have a blast!
And they did!

Carter brought his pocket knife,
that he treasures.
He did some carving on a log.

Jack & Ty had a great time with the fire.

We roasted some s'mores.
This is the only food that I will eat their leftovers!

Ty had a great time searching for sticks for the fire.

The four kiddos!

It was a fun night up in the canyon.
They were all sad to leave!
I'm sure we will do it again!


  1. I can't believe how grown up your kiddos look! What a fun time. I always worry about the raging river up there when I take the kids. I need to relax and let them have fun.

  2. I really do miss the 5 minute drive up to the beautiful Logan canyon. You won't find anything like that here in the barren plains of Texas. It is a treat when we go back to Utah (every three or four years, we are so bad).