Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our annual trip to Lagoon was a ton of fun this year!
Carter's highlight was to meet the football players,
and have them sign his shirt and football
They were really sweet to him!

I stayed back with Hinckley and Ty,
while the other went on Rattle Snake Rapids!

Here they are just after getting dumped on!

Here is Craig's family getting soaked!
Craig's family was also there,
not sure why I don't have any other pics of them, sorry!

Trying to win those darn prizes!

Of coarse the men had to play to win!

I spent the last couple of hours in kiddie land with Jack & Ty.
They had so much fun together!

See you next year Lagoon!
Thanks mom & dad!
Cant' wait for you to be with us next time!

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  1. Wow, what a great time you had. Looks like everyone enjoyed Lagoon again this year! Thanks for the great pictures. Next year we will have fun with you. Love, mom and dad