Monday, July 19, 2010

We finally made it out on the boat.
Slow start this year with the weather and everyone's schedule.
But the wait was well worth it.
Maddy did amazing! She skied & knee boarded.
She had such a positive attitude and was willing to just go for it!
She did great!

Tyler is trying to love the water!

Love that smile! Pure joy!

Taylor joined us for boating. She tried to ski, but didn't quite make it.
But she did knee board, and did awesome! Way to go Tay!

Ty did an excellent job at holding the flag up,
I perfect job for him.

Carter fell asleep on the boat ride!

Look at those cute faces!

Maddy & Tay enjoying the water!

Tube riding is always an adventure!

We beached it, while the men put the boat away.
Ty is in his element!
He loved making T's for Tyler and filling them in with rocks.

It was a great day! Hope more are soon to follow!


  1. What a skiier! I'm impressed! I think boating creates so many great family memories.

  2. So glad that you got out on the boat and had such a great time. Looks like everyone, including Ty had a great time. Maddy looked like a Natural! Hope that there will be many more boating days left this summer!