Friday, July 16, 2010

We have been going to Bear Lake for years and years.
This was our first time over to do the caves.
We thought that the boys were old enough to go through.
The caves were smelly (which really bothered, Carter),
Cold, wet and a lot of walking.
But they were really awesome.

As we were waiting for our tour guide, the kids had the best
time trying to catch a chipmunk to pet!
They got really close!

The caves were all lit. At one point the guide shut all of
the lights off. It was pitch black.
I felt hands grabbing mine for comfort.
Then he asked who wanted to walk a stretch in total darkness.
I took Maddy, Jack & Ty and we headed back in the light.
Eric and Carter did the dark walk. Scary! But they survived!

We all survived the long walk.
The caves were a great way to spend a few hours,
they were amazing!


  1. I have never heard of those caves before. They look really cool! What a fun family activity!

  2. Glad you went, Mom has been and has wanted all of us to do this. Bear Lake is great!