Thursday, July 8, 2010

We sure enjoyed our time up at the cabin, in Bear Lake.
The weather was a little on the cold side,
but it was still beautiful.

Eric enjoyed a morning jog.

One morning Ty was up really early.
So he got his telescope and we went animal hunting!

The twins enjoyed some bubbles!

We also enjoyed the beautiful mountains around on the
four wheelers.

This is in a "discussion" on who gets to go out on it first.
Carter said, "OK, the oldest goes first." Way to be Carter!

The beach was a little different than years past.
There were big swells of water up on the beach.
This was perfect for sand building.
Ty loved it because it wasn't deep!

The Walkers joined us for the day.
We had a great time with them.
We spent our day at the pool, having a picnic,
playing at the beach and then again at the pool.
They are great friends!

Here is Jack trying to throw a rock over the creature!

We sure love Bear Lake!


  1. Such a gorgeous place! Glad to see you guys having so much fun :)

  2. It looks like you all had a great time at Bear Lake. So glad that you can enjoy the cabin and the kids can make more great memories.