Friday, August 27, 2010

The first day of school was....
They both had a great day!
They are both at new schools with new teachers!
So fun!
Maddy walked out the door at 6:40 am!
A little early to get a shot of both of them together!

Now that we have hit the middle school years,
going to the bus to get a picture was not really an option!
Darn it!
This was the closest I got!
I did sit on the back patio and watch bus pick them up and drive away though!

Carter was just as happy as can be to go to school this morning!
Cute Carter-bug!

He was making some great faces!

He rode to school with this great bunch of kiddos.
A neighbor called and said that his chain fell off,
so he ended up walking the rest of the way!
He seemed alright about it though. I dropped off his other
bike and he rode home.

Happy 1st days of school!

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