Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eric's birthday celebrations....
They stared off with Berkely & Maddy decorating the kitchen!
Nice job girls!

A little cake making!

It's getting there!

Don't mess with these three boys!

Opening a few gifts!

Then to the Webb's for the football game,
which landed on Eric's Birthday.
Thanks Webbs for dinner, celebrating Eric's birthday,
and great fun!

Dayton and the new dog!
My kids sure loved her!

Kissing time??

A birthday song from the girls!

We had a great dinner!

Blowing out the candles!

Doing it again! Ty didn't get a chance to blow out
any candles! Don't you love how Jack is comforting him!

Great friends! We always say, we need to get together more often!
Time just goes by, but the time we do get together we have a blast!
Our kids love playing together, and we love hanging out with you
Matt & Amy!

Ty's just a little sad, I guess it didn't feel good when I
accidentally sat on him!

We also celebrated Eric's birthday with
the Carlston Clan!
Always fun to get together!

Happy Birthday Eric,
Next year it is the big 40!

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