Saturday, February 26, 2011

Look who turned 5!
I can't believe that the boys are five!
Time sure does fly. On their birthday,
Grandma & Grandpa took them to Build a Bear!
They had the best time!

Picking out a bear!
They picked totally different ones that I would have picked for them!
Especially Ty!

Getting a heart for their bear.

Sewing up their bear!
I loved that they were the only ones in the store!

Giving their bear a bath!
It was so cute!

Now onto picking out an outfit.
Once I saw that they had Star Wars clothes,
I knew that they would be picking them!
They had already picked out the Star Wars music,
that the bear could play.
It was perfect!

Getting their bear dressed!

Now they can duel!

Then to the computer to print out a birth certificate!

Now to pay for the bears!

Thanks mom & dad!
Then it was off to lunch!
Of course the boys had McD's!

On the ride home we stopped off at Boondocks.
They had a blast playing!

Then as soon as we arrived home we celebrated with
the rest of the family!
They opened up a few presents!

Then we sang happy birthday!

They did have 5 candles on at one time.
Seems like we re-light and re-light candles over and over.
Happy Birthday Jack & Ty!
More to come, this has been a long birthday celebration!
Ty said that this was the best birthday ever!

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  1. How cute! I love Build a Bear! They have such great things, even for boys. Sounds like they have had some great birthday celebrations!