Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We went to the Thatcher-Young Mansion for a Magic show.
The Mansion was beautiful! I only know because,
of coarse we are in the back and Jack needed to use the restroom.
So we made our way up through everyone,
and explored to the upstairs to the restroom.
It was beautiful!
Back to the magic show.
The kids love magic!
Grandpa is usually doing some sort of magic with them,
so they loved it.
There was a little too much adult magic, but they still had a good time.
Carter and I even got called up to help!

My camera was on the wrong setting,
and they were not about to sit and wait for me to fix it.
So we got a half bury shot!

Carter loved being called on!
He did a great job,
but he couldn't hear exactly what the magician was asking,
so that made for entertaining conversations between them!

Unfortunately, I was also called up to help.
I hate that kind of stuff,
but the kids loved seeing me up there!

Over all it was a fun evening with lots of family.
We ended the night with ice cream!

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