Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Memorial Day part 2...
We started the Carlston memorial traditions in Ferron.
This is at my Grandma Fern's.

Remembering stories of Grandma Fern.

I loved this.
Sophie and Allee were going around reading the letters!
Too Cute!

Eric cleaned off the graves.

More stories.

Maddy and Sammi!

Ty Ty!

This is Grandma Fern's house.
I have so many fond memories of coming here.
It is nice to be able to share that with my kiddos.

Cute cousins Ellie and Hinckley!

Carter and Hayes!

After Ferron, we drove over to Ephriam and checked
into a motel.
The kids had fun sitting in the hot tub.

We drove by the beautiful Manti Temple.
(Not sure how this picture got out of place, but I am too lazy to change it!)

Then it was off to Fairview, Moroni, and Nephi.

Here we are telling stories of Grandma Carlston.


Mom and Dad by Grandma Carlston's grave.
Sure miss my Grandma's!

Last stop was in Nephi.
Aunt Judy was an amazing lady.
She is sure missed by all.
I love that each time we come,
someone has put a Tab drink!

I love Memorial day, and look forward to it each year.
It is an exhausting weekend, filled with love,
memories, both past and new.

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