Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet the mom.

Meet the mom and dad.
Who religiously stayed together,
all 3 weeks!

The mom and her new home.

The additions!
She placed the two eggs on the side,
that would not become birds.

Meet bird number one.
They had various names.
From Ben 10 characters to super hero names!

Now the family is complete.
Three baby birds!

We checked on the baby birds each and every day, multiple times.
The mother bird knew our voices,
and flew away.
She would always come back shortly,
and wait on the (dead) tree!
Then back to her home!
Our journey with the birds is done.
We came home from Bear Lake,
and they had flown away.
Sure wish I would have gotten a picture of them before they left.
They were so big!
Two on bottom, and one would sit on top!
It was a fun experience to start the summer!
Good luck little birdies! We miss you!

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