Friday, July 29, 2011

Random phone pics...
In June, Maddy & I met Tammy, Taylor, and Chyrl
for some yummy lunch and some shopping.
This is a tradition that we love.
Maddy then left with Taylor and spent a few days with her.
She had a great time!

July 8th was the day for free chicken at Chick-fil-a,
if you were dressed like a cow!
So Jack & Ty dressed like a cow,
and enjoyed their free kids meals!
They actually loved it.

I included this great shot of Carter running to 2nd base.
He misses baseball.

Small but cute.
These three have so much fun together!

I don't even have a good story to go along with this picture.
Other than he come over to show me his new look!

We spent many nights at baseball.
Sometimes the kids would bring different things to keep them busy.
This time, Maddy brought Sammi, and some awesome seats!

We are still doing our family book club.
This past month we met at Twizl'berry, Maddy's new favorite place!
We discussed the book, "Bridge to Tarabithia" It was a great read!

I wish summer could last forever. Not loving that summer is almost over.

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