Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa camp out...
It started with a hot dog roast.

Next up was a family favorite game, Fun Ball. Doesn't Ty look like he is having fun? I think his turn was skipped, so he was a little sad. This game has been in my family for a long time. We started playing it when we were little, in Fairview. My dad's friends taught it. Ever since then,
we have played this game. It is basically baseball, but you use a large plastic ball and you can hit the players with it to get them out. Sometimes it gets a little crazy!

We also celebrated Lyndee's birthday!

Next was the annual talent show.
Scott and his kids were up first. They did a fun dance to "The Lion Sleeps tonight" I know that is not the name of the song, but I can't think of it. Hinckley was the lion, it was super cute!
Here is Allee-bean watching everyone!
Next was a wild and crazy drum and guitar song by the boys!

Maddy and Carter performed a dance to "Baby, Baby" by Justin Bieber, or Beaver as the twins pronounce it. They did a great job. Maddy made the entire thing up, and they practiced and practiced it! It was really fun to watch these two doing something together.

This is the only one I snapped of Craig's family, darn. But they told some awesome jokes!
Head stand contest. Can you believe that Grandpa can do this? The kids think it is pretty cool!
Next Allee was up! She was able to tell us all of the names of the First Presidency of the church. It was so cute to here her pronounce them all!
Grandma and Grandpa did a skit and ended it with a family dance. Super fun.

We ended the night with our family's talent. We had Craig, Chad, and Scott come up and cover their head with a show cap and shaving cream. Then we used marshmallow gun shooters to see who had the most marshmallows that stuck to their cap! I know, such a great talent!

Here they are posing for a picture. Look at Chad making plans. Scott is just smiling.

Craig and Chad are getting ready. Scott still smiling!

Sorry Scott! Their plan worked and you were an excellent sport! Next time we should use cool whip, rather than shaving cream. It might just taste a little better!

Grandma and Grandpa and all the grandkids.

Chad, Lyndee, and Allee.

Grandma and Grandpa.

Craig, Heidi and Family.

Our family.

Scott and his kids.

It was getting dark, so it was time to get the tents up.
Our sleeping quarters.

We ended this fabulous evening with smore's around the campfire!
Thanks mom and dad for such a fun family night! It was a ton of fun!

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