Friday, January 1, 2010

New years eve was spent up at the cabin this year. We had a great time together. We started the night off with marshmallows and 800 toothpicks. The kids were very creative and had a blast creating. I thought 800 toothpicks would be too many but we went through the entire box!

Madison baked and baked and baked today. She made cupcakes, a cake, lemon bars, and later dinner.

Sledding was next on our list. We found a close road and sled down it. We were so proud of Ty for going out and doing it. He put his snow pants on 3 times and finally decided to come out with us! Carter and Maddy and a great time sledding and snowboarding.

Ah, dinner time! Maddy and Carter turned the kitchen into a restaurant. They cooked, and then took our orders and served us. We had a great dinner!

Games...we played pictionary and Snorta. The Walkers introduced us to Snorta and we loved it. Then we realized that we had it up at the cabin and we played and played it.

This is Carter drawing The Book of Hormin (Book of Mormon!). Very Cute!

Jack sacked out at 7pm and we took this at 9:00, not knowing who would be next!


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