Saturday, January 2, 2010

Today was spent with cousins and enjoying the cold outdoors! While Maddy went to a movie with her cousins ( thanks, Heidi!), I took Carter to the ice rink. He had never been there and had a blast. We got there a little before they opened and he was able to play hockey. The next thing I knew, he was playing hockey with some family. He is so friendly. Later I asked how he joined, and he said he just went over and asked if he could join them. I hope he never out grows that quality. The setting there is just amazing with the Temple in the background. I am sure we will be back!

Later that day we had most of the cousins over to play. Ellie and Jack were just taking a break. Lately Jack doesn't want to be in any photos! I wonder if he is sick of me always having my camera? Oh well, it won't stop me!

Sophi, loves playing! She is so easy going and just goes from one thing to the next. She loves Play the cat and is either playing with her or taking care of babies!

Tyler and Hinckley found all of Maddy's Polly Pockets. I'm glad someone is getting use out of them!

Maddy and Sammi in their matching shirts! They made a yummy cake and had a lot of fun beating Scott in Connect four and Don't eat Santa! They are great cousins!
Meanwhile, Carter and Hayes were out snowboarding and building snowmen! They have a great time together!


  1. It is so fun to see how great cousin enjoy each other. We are glad that you are taking such great picture and posting them. What a great history you are keeping.
    Mom and Dad

  2. Johanna and Eric-
    thanks again for taking the kids so Craig and I could go on a date. You two are great examples of being unselfish and keeping the family together. As you know my kids love your house, i just don't know how many hair pullings I can take from Sophie when it is time to go!

  3. Hi Johanna!
    I talked to Therese tonight and she gave me your blog address. It's so good to see you and your family. Email when you have a chance (I couldn't see your email listed on the blog).

  4. What a brave, outgoing boy that Carter is! You're right... it's a wonderful quality to keep. PS- I wish I wasn't so big and pregnant... that ice skating looks like SO much fun!