Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday was baby Allee's blessing. The older kids wanted to walk home from church for the lunch. It is so nice that they are getting older and that they can do things for themselves.

Allee, she was so, so happy all day long. She looked beautiful in her white dress.

The happy parents, Chad and Lyndee.

Having fun. Downstairs was a no parent zone. All of the kids had a great time together.

Eric, Jack, Craig, and Sophie. Just relaxing! Not sure what Jack is doing!

I had to post this picture of Scott, because he gave me a hard time of just pretending to take his picture. So I tried to get him, and, well he didn't think I deserved a second chance! Always my older brother!

Jack, Tyler, Hayes, and Carter all enjoying the meal!

Ellie snapped this shot of me and Ty, she did a pretty good job!

All the girl Carlston cousins!

It was a great day with family. It is so nice that we all live so close by. We sure missed you mom and dad.


  1. You guys have been busy! It looks like you had a fun Christmas holiday.
    I too, love that the kids are getting old enough to do things like walk home from church and play downstairs by themselves. Hooray!
    BTW- That sweet baby's blessing dress is gorgeous!

  2. I feel like my grandma when I say this, but where are those kids' coats?? ;) Brr... I'm cold just looking at them. What a darling little girl, too. I want one. (wink)

  3. ok, ok, they should have coats. But the more kids, the more stuff to keep track of! The more to lose! Therefore we ditched the coats! They're not cold, are they?!

  4. Johanna, thanks for your comments on my blog. It is so fun to see what everyone is up to! I love that your family does so much together... it looks like the cousins have lots of fun. Hey, when you took Carter to the ice rink did he have his own skates? I thought we should take our girls but we don't have any skates and I didn't think they still did the rental there... is there a place in town that rents?

  5. Joey,
    These are great pictures, we wish we could have been there This helps and we are glad it was such a good day.
    Mom and Dad